Renewable energies and energy efficiency

SHIFT ENERGY CONSULTING (SEC), is a company that provides advisory , consulting and engineering services with a track record of over 10 years of experience in the renewable energy sector.
SEC management team has led and developed more than 400 turnkey projects, thereby installing more than 40MW in countries such as Spain, Italy and USA.
The experience, competitiveness and dynamism, turn SEC into a great partner at the time of taking decisions concerning the study, development and construction of PV Solar Farms.

Renewable energies


The efficient habits


We have improved, but still(yet) we still have way for crossing. East might be the summary, very of fat brush, of the point in which we are the Spanish in this of the energy efficiency. Even it is possible that we have stagnated and up to(even) moved back, since it(he,she) reveals the last Index of energy efficiency …

Energy efficiency

eficiencia energetica

The domestic products


The energy efficiency is a practice used during the energy consumption that has as object try(get) to lower the use of energy. The individuals and the organizations that are direct consumers of the energy can want to save energy to reduce energetic costs and to promote economic, political and environmental sustainability. The users …

Effective consumption


Consume in homes


The EU might save 250.000 million Euros per year between(among) 2020 and 2030 if the energetic consumption “was” “rationalized”. Brussels is considering to reduce even more the greenhouse gases. The saving would reverberate favorably in the interests of the consumers, though to obtain these results would be necessary that all …

Energetic saving


Our saving


Our habits in the use of energy and the available technology allow to reduce our consumption and to achieve a major energetic saving. We all can achieve an energetic saving both in our home and in our place of work supporting in ours day after day customs of responsible consumption not to incur …