Energías renovables y eficiencia energética”, empresa consultora de EERR, cuyo equipo tiene mas de 10 años de experiencia en el sector de las renovables, pionera en España, 400 proyectos ejecutados llave en mano con un total de 43 MW . Internacionalización de empresas de EERR, apertura de empresas en USA, Italia, Chile, Francia, Mexico, etc.

Promotion of PV


Counseling and promotion of PV solar farms

SEC seeks to meet the needs and requirements of its customers taking advantage of its experience in the development, construction, operation and maintenance of PV Solar Farms, effectively guiding them during the different stages of a project:

• PV consulting
• Project management plans
• Support in the research of suitable land for the project
• Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
• Assistance on procurements of licenses
• Advice on buying/selling projects and licenses
• ITO (Technical inspections of work) for investors
• Due Dilligence in the Renewable Energy sector

Engineering Advisory

eficiencia energetica

Engineering Advisory in renewable energy services

SEC’s engineers are specialized in the renewable energy sector, and are capable of lend support and advice of the highest quality and efficiency to each Project:

• Project development and drafting
• Project technical development
• Audit and control of facilities
• Management and supervisión of Works
• Legalization and commissioning of PV farms
• O&M technical consultancy services

Opening of new markets


Opening and development of new markets

SEC provides consulting services and accompaniment in the opening of new horizons in the field of renewable energies:

• Search of business opportunities
• Feasibility studies
• Market research
• Strategic plasn for the incursion and development of new markets
• Support in the selection of materials and equipment
• Advice on commercial, corporate issues and business establishment
• Analysis of legislation and policies in new markets
• Counseling and participation in national and international bidding processes

Energy efficiency projects


Energy efficiency

Commitment to the environment is of all and this is why SEC has a specialized team in the development of medium scale thermal and PV self consumption facilities.

• Thermal facilities
o Industrial heating systems
o Hot water at hotels and residences
o Sport centres and municipal pool water heating systems
o Thermal needs at condominiums

• PV self consumption facilities.
o Industrial buildings
o Hotels and residences
o Condominiums